1,546,645th last cigarette

So, i just traded a soda i owed someone for a cigarette, and im done. Im tired of digging through buttbins, sick of bumming from nervewracked neighbours, bored and exhausted with spending my limited funds on rope to hang myself slowly with…another thing im giving up (for the mostly)…video games…..im 37, and while some may enjoy pixel clashes until their deathbed, im more interested in the skip of sounds through my speakers, or the waltz of words across a page, than living vicariously through another person’s commodified phantasy…not saying i won’t play them, (or watch a baseball game, go Sox!), every now and again, but i just want to live the rest of my earthbound time more productively and proactively…..also, i have a plan brewing slowly re: a book on waste disposal, its past present and future (more on this in a future post)…..carry on,


New Years Resolutions (Growing Ever More Resolute)

This list is adapted from a four year old one on Facebook, showing my Beckettian nature…

1st resolution….keep my God blessed resolutions for the love of all

2nd resolution….well, it’s January 9th, and ive got the patches, but I’m still puffing away…altho, I’ve got no money left, that’s never stopped me before… it’s down to willpower…

3rd resolution… dovetailing with number two, start running, working up to a full marathon

4th resolution…to put more of myself into my spirituality

5th resolution…to read, watch, play, and listen to only quality works of art…life’s getting shorter

6th resolution…to create instead of running in inertial circles…

7th resolution….fuck the clock!!!!

8th resolution…to stay vegan (see Facebook post for why)

That is all…good night and good luck

Curry Pumpkin Corn Soup

this weeks experiment in poor boys cooking is Curry Pumpkin Corn Soup…this will be felicitous, as my pilot light on my oven is out, and my landlord is iffy on fixing it…will post more, tasting notes, pictures, cost, etc. when i get it done this week…carry on

Sorry for the delay, but this cooking project will be finally finished this Sunday….Shabbat Shalom and metta for all…